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5G Era Will Bring More Possibilities to the LED Display Industry

Mar. 18, 2019

First of all, LED display companies need to fully understand 5G.

5G technology has become a very hot word in recent years. However, for the Event LED Video Panel industry, it is still only a strange concept term, and the LED display industry rarely has the display case of 5G technology. However, with the continuous cross-border integration of LED display technology, the exploration of 5G technology continues to mature, and the integration of 5G and LED display will no longer be a distant event. For LED display companies, the first priority The thing is to really recognize 5G technology, only knowing clearly, LED display companies in the future can better integrate with 5G, in order to create more valuable creative display for the LED display industry.

5G, the full name of the fifth generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, also known as the fifth generation mobile communication technology. The main goal of the 5G network is to make the target users of the terminal always in the network state. 5G networks mean ultra-fast data transfer speeds.

How to combine 5G with LED display will also become a problem that LED display industry must consider.

Secondly, LED Video Panel for Shows companies should use the existing technical resources to conduct preliminary exploration of the 5G market.

The arrival of the 5G era will fully open the era of the Internet of Everything. Today's society is already the Internet age. All the products with electricity can be interconnected. The Internet of Everything is an inevitable trend of social development. The Internet of Everything will also bring unlimited possibilities to the Event LED Video Panel industry. 5G technology will also provide faster network transmission speed for the Internet of Everything.

Everything needs to be finally presented through a display terminal. The Internet of Everything also forms different display terminals.

LED Video Panel for Shows in various display terminals rely on the advantages of high brightness, anti-gray, dustproof, waterproof, splicable, etc., in the production of outdoor advertising media, indoor small-spacing conferences, monitoring security systems and other aspects play A huge role will also occupy an important position in the display terminal.

The cross-border integration of LED displays such as Small Pixel LED Screen will become a trend. LED display will also be integrated with more and more VR, AR and other technologies. The integration of cross-border technology will make LED display more intelligent display, while VR, AR and other technologies have close relationship with data. The blessing of 5G technology ensures that the transmission of big data is not delayed due to the network speed.

With the advent of the 5G era, the continuous maturity of 5G technology will make the LED display more intelligent, and will also fully promote the continuous optimization and upgrade of LED display technology. Through the display terminal, it will bring a more unique and immersive visual experience to the end customer. This will also bring unlimited possibilities for the display of the LED display.

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