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LED Display Technology Applied In The Field Of Intelligent Transportation

Apr. 19, 2019

LED Display Technology Applied In The Field Of Intelligent Transportation

LED Advertising Display Manufacturer shares that it is generally believed that the intelligent transportation system refers to the transportation system which is established on the road transportation infrastructure, urban public transportation and road transportation system, integrates the information collection and processing, integration and exchange, analysis and control, and finally aims at the release of information, and can realize the intelligent management. Improving traffic management, transportation efficiency and traffic safety service level should be the application goal of intelligent transportation system construction, and the realization process of this goal, to some extent, will promote the transformation of traditional transportation industry to modern transportation service industry.

Among the related applications of LED display technology, road traffic information release and display for the public is one of the important application fields. Among the ways of releasing traffic guidance information to the public, common ways of displaying and releasing information in daily life include road traffic guidance screen, urban traffic guidance screen, parking guidance screen and road variable information sign, etc. These different ways of traffic guidance information release, according to the relevant traffic road management requirements and the actual situation of road traffic information real-time display. 

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Intelligent transportation system is actually a kind of road traffic information communication system, its generation and development is based on system integration, electronics, communications, information services and other new techno timg (7).jpg logy, has been penetration and applied to aviation, water transport, rail transport, urban traffic induction, highways, subways, new traffic system in the field of rail transit. The construction of intelligent transportation system can not only improve the road network capacity and road traffic information service level, but also has a broad application prospect in the field of environmental protection, promote the reduction of exhaust emissions and improve energy efficiency.

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