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Analysis of seven core parameters of LED display module(part 1)

May. 10, 2019

Analysis of seven core parameters of LED display module

LED module is the core part of the LED display screen. It is a product with LED circuit board and shell, and it is a product with LED lamp beads arranged together according to certain rules for packaging, and then some waterproof treatment. With the continuous development of LED display industry and more and more extensive application requirements, LED module functions and functions can not be ignored.

So, today we will have a look at what are the seven parameters of the LED module:

First, LED module color

It is the most basic LED module parameters, different colors applied in different occasions. According to the color categories can be divided into monochrome, full color single point control two.

1. Monochrome is a single color, can not change, connected to the power supply can work.

2. Full-color single dot is able to control the color of each module and achieve the effect of displaying pictures and video when the number of modules reaches a certain level. Full color single point to add control system to achieve the effect.

LED display screen

Second, LED module brightness

When we think of brightness, we think of high brightness, which is a parameter that people pay more attention to. Brightness is a complex issue in LED digital display. The brightness we usually refer to in LED modules is usually the luminous intensity and transparency, which is generally calculated by adding the relative degrees of each module.

Third, LED module luminous Angle

The LED module without lens is mainly determined by LED beads. Different LED beads have different lighting angles. Generally, the LED beads provided by the manufacturer are used as the Angle of the LED module.

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