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Livision LED Video Screen Achieved CE, EMC, LVD, FCC, Certification

Jan. 23, 2018

In January, 2018, Shenzhen Livision LED display passed CE, EMC, LVD, FCC test and achieved these certificates. It shows Livision LED display fully complies with the safety standards of the North American market.

These certification mark are in line with the relevant product safety standards, and have been achieved the minimum requirements of the universal recognized product safety standards all over the world; Moreover, it represents a production plant agree to accept some regular strict inspections in order to assure of product quality consistency, and the products can be sold to worldwide.

Livision LED display passed those certification, that complies with 'Maximize customer's benefit'. To distributor retailers, consumers, that means they are purchasing the third-party testing and certification displays from Livision.

All along, Livision high quality standardized LED display is trusted deeply by oversea market, and the products are sold worldwide in 68 countries and regions. These certifications are significant inspection to company management, product quality, and factory facility etc.; also, greatly facilitate Livision to expand the Markets and further improve the market share.

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