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What is the reason that the LED display is dead?

Aug. 08, 2019

What reason is LED display dead light

What reason is LED display dead light? Dead light means that LED does not work, which is a kind of situation that we may encounter in the process of using, today let us understand the cause of this problem.

Firstly, the large leakage of LED leads to the failure of the PN junction, making the LED lights not on, which generally does not affect the work of other LED lights;

Second, the internal connection wire cut off of the LED lights LED no current caused by the light and died, this kind of situation will affect the normal work of the other LED lights buy from advertising Led screen factory, the reason is because of the low voltage LED lights work (red yellow orange LED the working voltage of 1.8 V to 2.2 V, blue, green, white LED working voltage 2.8 3.2 V), typically used in series, in parallel to join, to adapt to different working voltage, the series of LED lights the more the greater the influence, as long as one of the LED lights inside the attachment open circuit, will cause the series circuit of the whole series of LED lamp is not bright, So this is much worse than the first one.

These are the reasons for the dead LED display. I hope you can deal with them correctly after understanding these reasons.

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Several aspects of judging the security of LED display screen:

When we use LED display, equipment safety is a very critical issue, in order to let you can buy assured products, here let us look at several aspects of judging the security of LED display.

1. Power switch: the power switch must be able to meet the actual use of the rated power, to avoid the actual use of the load exceeds the rated power of the power switch, resulting in excessive load of the power switch, causing the power switch to burn out, causing fire.

2. Selection of LED display screen: don't think that the pursuit of bright effect, easy to lead to device aging, reduce service life, and easy to aging fire.

3. Kit: whether the material has passed the fire retardant requirements of UL94V0 standard.

4. Whether the wire is international wire, whether it has passed the fire resistance requirements of IEC60332 standard, and whether the size of the wire core has left sufficient margin in actual use.

5. Power supply line: know whether the distribution of module power supply is balanced in dc power supply line, whether the multi-channel output of ac power supply line is balanced, and whether the daily output power is balanced, so as to reduce the probability of fire caused by the line.

6. Key components: heating key components can be maintained at a reasonable temperature for a long time.

These are the aspects that affect its safety. I hope you can pay attention to the above knowledge when making your choice

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