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Livision LED Screen Manufacturers Interpret How to Maintain Indoor Screen

Apr. 05, 2019

Nowadays, indoor large screens are widely used. Taxi display screens and stage LED screens from LED Display Factory are very popular. Indoor large screens have a great effect on the dissemination and promotion of content, and are provided by high-quality indoor and large screen manufacturers. The large indoor screen can provide a stable and clear picture, and can also provide long-term use time, which is convenient for users. Therefore, China Advertising LED Display think that users need to know how to maintain the indoor large screen to ensure efficient work efficiency.

China Advertising LED Display

1. Pay attention to use and maintenance

The indoor large screen manufacturers with good after-sales service are reported to have some tiny dust in the air. The indoor large screen is likely to be polluted by the dust in the air. In the usual use process, the indoor large screen manufacturer recommends that it must be in the air. The dust should be vigilant. After use, the large screen should be closed regularly, and the dust should be gently wiped off with a soft and moist pan. This dust-cleaning maintenance seems to be small but has great significance for the normal operation of the indoor large screen.

2. Pay attention to the wear and tear of the accessories

The indoor large screen is composed of many parts. The most important accessory is the plug-in cable. The indoor large screen is a product that is used for a long time, and the outer casing of the plugged wire is easily damaged. The damage will cause the large indoor screen to be inoperable, and There are problems such as electric leakage that endanger personal safety. Therefore, indoor large-screen manufacturers remind that they should pay attention to the wear and tear of the plugged wires.

3. Keep away from dangerous and corrosive chemicals

Corrosive chemicals basically cause damage to many items. Although everyone knows the problem, indoor large-screen manufacturers still have to emphasize that because of the wide range of indoor large screens, it is inevitable that some places involve chemicals, so it should be noted. Keep away from chemicals with acid and alkali ingredients, and do not place corrosive objects on large indoor screens.

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