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What Are the Product Features of Transparent Screen Manufacturer?

Apr. 02, 2019

The development of Led is relatively fast. In recent years, many products have started to use led bulbs, and the products of transparent screen manufacturers are no exception. The screens of transparent screen manufacturers may be seen in the window of the mall today. The reason why the products produced by the Transparent LED Display Factory can be widely used has a great relationship with the characteristics of their products. Let us know what the characteristics of the transparent screen manufacturers are:

1. High light transmittance

Nowadays, the products designed and produced by high-quality Transparent Glass LED Screen Factory are pioneering products with intellectual property rights, which are dedicated to the advertising and lighting of glass curtain wall construction. Therefore, the transparent screen manufacturer's products have high light transmittance, so that the glass still retains the function of daylighting, because the led lamp is almost transparent in the distance, and the space in the room is not insufficient due to the installation of the transparent screen;

2. The product is thin

Although the display screen of the transparent screen manufacturer is bulky, the weight of the display is lighter in the same kind of products, and the volume is almost no space after the installation, and does not hinder other facilities or structures near the glass curtain wall. It is also because the products of the transparent screen manufacturer are light and thin, so the load requirements for the glass curtain wall during installation are very small;

3. Quick installation

Most of the transparent screen manufacturers' products are manufactured directly by the manufacturer and then assembled on the site, so the transparent screen products can be quickly installed. This is the modular design of the products of the transparent screen manufacturer. The modular production allows the transparent screen to be spliced according to the size of the use according to the needs of the site;

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