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Cornerstone Church Goes Big with LED Video Panel

Jan. 23, 2018

Cornerstone church was Built in October 16, 1952, it's a well-established community church located north part of Chicago area. Serving more than 1,300 members, it was looking to incorporate a visual element within the church's sanctuary area to better display the various scripture lessons, song lyrics and other information during services. To help guide the church through this important AV enhancement, Senior Pastor Mr.Manny pointed Mr.Don, who has been doing business with Chinese companies for more than 10 years to engage with Shenzhen Livision, a China based LED screen manufacturer who has been providing outstanding LED video panel for churches for many years.


Like so many other churches, its first thought was to do a projection installation, because it's more easy for installation and use, and also it’s cheaper than LED video wall, however considering the brightness and ambient lighting, projection has a long way to go to reach high brightness, projection becomes a second solution, The brightness for LED video panel is adequate for this application, with the large amount of sunlight coming into the sanctuary, the video walls are currently set at only 40% brightness.

Once everyone agreed on the solution to be installed, some new challenges arouse for Shenzhen livision. This is the first time they use LED video screen, technical support, installation guidance, structure diagram, setting up and testing are total new for them, in order to provide goo services to customers, we send people to the church to democracy how to set up the screen and how to install the screen along with the structure drawing and and operation guidance.

"We installed our Shenzhen Livision LED video panel in our church for services reasons such as to bring better visual effect to people, to save energy consumption and less maintenance, the video wall panel is astonishing, the visual effect is unbelievable.Thanks to the great image quality, total solution, additionally the high level technical support provided by Shenzhen Livision, we couldn't have been more pleased with the whole cooperation." Said Mr.Don

Cornerstone Church Goes Big with LED Video Panel

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