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Features of V Series Outdoor LED Screen

Jan. 23, 2018

V series is the latest outdoor rental product released by Livision in October. It is a cost-effective rental product and inherits many excellent design of L series, it can meet the demand of outdoor large-scale concerts, exhibitions, concerts and other related activities.

Total Black LEDs

The LED video panel is with total black LEDs SMD1921, it’s second to none product in the industry, the total black LEDs show excellent visual effect, the contrast ratio is 80000:1, and the brightness is 3500nit per square meter but it looks much been than 5500nit per square meter in pictures and videos.

High Refresh

The LED video screen is with high refresh IC MBI5153, it can refresh 3840Hz to have a better visual effect when taking pictures and video with camera.

Front and rear maintenance 

V series modules can be front and rear maintained which can significantly improve product installation and maintenance efficiency

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