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LED Display Screen in Automobile Show

Jun. 28, 2018

It is amazing to see advertising, features introduction and performance on the big LED screen for car exhibition. It brings the marketing to the next level, LED video screen appeared on motor show just few years ago, now it is spreading in every car fair events.


LED display screen has good video and picture quality visually, it’s a high-end marketing and advertising tool for car exhibitions, LED video wall has better brightness than projection and better contrast ratio that give advantage to visual effect. It creates brand-new experience for consumers, it’s a combination marketing strategy.  A nice car and a temptation video introduction of the car on the high-end LED screen, it will make a profound impression.

LED screen now is in everywhere, concerts, conferences, stage backdrop, churches, car exhibitions, where there is an event, there is a LED screen.

LED Display Screen in Automobile Show

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