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LED Video Wall for Church Applications

Jul. 10, 2018

In the development of visual technology, LED screen will the most outstanding visual product in modern world, its application is almost covering all the industries, LED screen for stage, concerts, events, conferences, sport events, TV broadcast and church LED video wall.


For church LED screen system is a potential market. There are countless churches around the world, to spread God’s words to his followers, LED video screen is a good media to do that, it clearly shows things that God has done for his disciples and God’s words to whom trust the Lord, LED display screen shows vivid pictures and videos, it’s clearer that projection and it’s brighter than projection. It can do broadcast and live stream, it also supports DVI, VGI, HDMI, and SDI ports for connection peripheral devices.


LED video wall for church application has been a success for customers and our marketing strategy, and it spreads as God’s words to all churches in the world.

LED Video Wall for Church Applications

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