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Nov. 12, 2019

Correct installation method of digital glass display

Digital glass display is a kind of LED display. When many people first touch this display screen, they will feel more or less helpless. After a long time, they can't find the right way to install it. Sometimes even if they find the way to install the digital glass display screen, they dare not open their hands to install it. Therefore, I will give you a popular science of digital glass display installation steps.

LED Electronic Display

Installation hardware steps of LED electronic display screen:

1. Insert the DVI display card into the AGP socket of the main board, and then set the driver;

2. Insert the data card into the PDI socket on the main board (for users with data card);

3. Link the two controls DVI and AGP installed above together;

4 control lines are connected with serial port RS232;

5. Connect the receiving card with the network cable; the specific number shall be in accordance with the engineering drawing;

6. Check whether the connection is correct, and then set or power on for debugging.

The installation method of glass video display is as follows:

1. Installation of video card drive

Insert the CD-ROM of the video card driver into the CD-ROM drive to enter the device state automatically. Please follow the prompts;

First install directx8.1, then install the driver; finally, install the control panel.

2. Playing software

Led studio or other control software specially used for playing and setting large screen of the device;

Insert the application CD-ROM attached to the screen into the CD-ROM drive, copy or install all the order to the computer.

3. After debugging, the LED electronic display screen is installed successfully!

The function of LED lamp in digital poster display:

1. Play the role of commodity publicity and attracting customers.

2. Play the role of store decoration and improve the level of enterprises.

3. Play the role of lighting and innovation.

4. Play the role of popularizing knowledge. (it can be used to play small information of enterprise products and knowledge of relevant industries)

5. Play the role of bulletin board. (promotion, recruitment information release)

6. Act as a foil to the atmosphere. Through the display screen, you can play the welcome words of superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals.

7. It plays a warning role and is often used for road traffic LED navigation indication, etc.

It is undeniable that the ultimate purpose of establishing billboards is to publicize commodity information, attract target customers and make the most profit as much as possible. Led billboard is to achieve this goal to become the first choice of enterprise publicity.

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