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What is High Definition Led Display?

Nov. 20, 2019

LED display is a kind of flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module panels. It is used to display text, image, video, video signal, and other information.

Led Display

Excellent performance of HD Led screen:

1. The brightness is strong, and the display content is clear and visible when the sunlight is directed on the screen surface within the visible distance. Super gray control has a level of 1024-4096 gray control, and the display color is more than 16.7M, the color is clear and lifelike, and the stereo sense is strong.

2. The static scanning technology adopts the static latch scanning mode, which is driven by high power to fully ensure the luminous brightness.

3. Automatic brightness adjustment has the function of automatic brightness adjustment, which can obtain the best playing effect in different brightness environment.

4. The imported large-scale integrated circuit is fully adopted, which greatly improves the reliability and is convenient for debugging and maintenance.

5. Advanced digital video processing, distributed scanning technology, high-definition display of BSV LCD splicing technology, modular design / constant current static drive, automatic brightness adjustment, ultra-bright solid color pixel, clear image, no jitter and ghosting, and no distortion. Video, animation, chart, text, picture and other information display, network display, remote control.

Installation mode:

Mosaic installation: suitable for small area indoor screen. Due to the small installation space, in order not to occupy space, according to the size of the screen area, dig out the same size area on the wall, and embed the LED display screen into the wall.

Hanging installation: it is suitable for large-scale places such as LED electronic display screens in the station to play the role of indicating signs. The screen area is required to be small (less than 10 square meters), and there must be a suitable installation site.

Column type installation: it is mainly used for the installation of outdoor advertising LED display screen, with wide vision and relatively open surrounding areas, such as square, parking lot, etc.

Extended data:

HD Led video panels are classified in various ways, as follows:

HD Led Vedio Panels

1. It is divided into indoor, outdoor and semi outdoor according to the use environment.

2. It can be divided into single color, double basic color and three basic colors (full color).

3. It can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous according to the control or use mode.

4. Divide by pixel density or pixel diameter.

5. According to the display performance, it can be divided into video display (generally full-color display), text display (generally single primary color display), graphic display (generally double primary color display), market display (generally digital tube or single primary color display).

6. It can be divided into LED digital display, LED dot matrix graphic display and LED video display.

7. According to the development direction, it can be divided into advertising media display and industrial indicator display.

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