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The measure of LED electronic display against outdoor high temperature

Jun. 29, 2019

The measure of LED electronic display against outdoor high temperature

The outdoor environment is the earliest and most common application field of LED display, with an area ranging from dozens to hundreds of square meters. In order to expand the audience's vision and enhance the outdoor advertising effect, it is usually installed in the roof and other high places relative to open areas. The so-called "big trees catch the wind", large area and high position of the LED digital display screen dazzling, but at the same time to face wind, frost, lightning and other harsh environment.

1. If the installation position of LED electronic display screen is against the wall, it depends on how much LED electronic display screen can protrusion. If it can protrusion the position of one meter of the wall, it is suggested to choose the fan according to the size of the area. If the customer buys an outdoor LED full-color screen with an LED electronic display of 80 square meters (P16), it shall choose 6 axial flow fans with a diameter of about 600mm. In particular, it is important to ensure that the fan is pumped outwards, and that a protective net is installed to prevent the technician who is repairing the display screen from inhaling clothes and taking personal injury. Additional, want to be in outside aluminous model the shutter that the fan on board gives wind outlet to install aluminium alloy, can achieve waterproof effect. The full-color LED electronic display screen hanging on the wall can also be used to install air conditioning. It is necessary to ensure that the host of the air conditioner is installed, which will not affect the overall appearance of the wall. There are requirements for the selection of air conditioners. Generally, 1.5p, 2P and 3P air conditioners are the most commonly used, and 12 square 1P air conditioners in northern cities are calculated. The southern city USES 9 square 1P air conditioning calculation. If the LED outdoor display screen area is relatively large, the air conditioner will be directly customized to the manufacturer, if the area is not large, we will go to the store to buy, but the display cooling air conditioner has the function of call compensation.

2. If the LED electronic display screen is installed in a vertical column, it is better to use a fan to dissipate heat. The fan is installed on the back of the big screen, above the aluminum-plastic board. If it is double-column, open a few shutters in the middle of the double-column, this window is the air inlet, the above fan is the exhaust port, so the formation of complete air convection makes heat dissipation effect better. These are the measures of LED electronic display to resist outdoor high temperature.

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