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How to maintain the LED display screen?

Jun. 26, 2019

How to maintain the LED display screen?

Cleaning the LED display screen

For the LED display screen with low protection level, especially the outdoor LED screen, dust in the atmosphere enters the equipment through the ventilation hole, which will accelerate the wear and even damage to the fan and other equipment. Dust will also fall on the surface of the internal control device of the display screen, reducing the thermal conductivity and insulation performance. In case of wet weather, dust absorbs moisture in the air and leads to short circuit. It can also lead to the mildew of PCB board and electronic components for a long time, which will cause the technical performance of equipment to decline and malfunction. Therefore, the cleaning of LED display is seemingly simple, but actually it is an important part of the maintenance work.

Fastening the display screen

LED display screen is a high power consumption device. After running for quite a period of time, due to several starts and stops, the wiring terminals of the power supply part will become loose due to cold and heat, and the contact will not be tight, forming virtual connection. In serious cases, it will get hot, and even ignite the plastic components next to it. The signal terminals will become loose due to the change of ambient temperature, and the moisture erosion will lead to poor contact, which will lead to equipment failure. Therefore, the connector of LED display must be tightened regularly. When adjusting fasteners, uniform and appropriate force should be applied to ensure firmness and effectiveness.

outdoor LED screen

Display surface cleaning

Visual inspection and inspection of LED display screen in bright screen and black screen. Including: whether the surface of the display screen is polluted, the purpose is to remove the influence of surface dirt on luminescence characteristics; No damage or crack on the surface of the display screen; Whether the communication and distribution cable is normal; For the equipment with high protection level, although the components and connectors with high reliability are selected, their tightness becomes the key factor. Therefore, check the integrity of the sealing place regularly; For outdoor steel screen structure to check the surface paint and corrosion; For outdoor screen surface pollution is particularly serious, but also on the display surface cleaning.

LED screen cleaning is high-altitude work, professional cleaning team is required. The cleaning operation is carried out by hanging rope (commonly known as spiderman) or hanging blue, equipped with professional cleaning equipment. The cleaning staff selects different detergents according to different dirt on the screen for targeted cleaning, so as to ensure the cleaning of LED display screen without damaging LED lamp tube and mask.

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