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LED Display Stage Safety from the Structure and Screen Weight to Solve

Jan. 23, 2019

For the LED rental display manufacturers, it is imperative to pay attention to the stage safety and eliminate the hidden danger of the LED display such as the HD LED Screen Display. So how can we eliminate hidden dangers? You should start from the following two aspects.

HD LED Screen Display

(1) Structural design

The LED stage displays such as the Transparent LED Vedio Wall used for leasing are usually stacked very high, or hoisted in high places, with casters and audiences nearby, and structural safety is the most important part of the design process.

(2) Application of new box materials

From the material of the box, such as carbon fiber, from the material of the box, the application of new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, nano-polymer unique material can greatly reduce the weight and thickness of the LED display box.

Eliminate the safety hazards of LED display such as the Outdoor LED Rental Screen Display in the stage performance, in addition to the manufacturers working hard on the product, but also the correct installation and use of the LED display rental business on site.

The most important thing is that LED display leasing companies can't just pursue low prices and are lucky enough to purchase some rental products with potential safety hazards.

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