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Need to pay attention to renting outdoor LED display

Oct. 18, 2019

The outdoor rental led display manufacturer here reminds everyone to rent out the outdoor LED display to pay attention to the problem, I hope to help you avoid these problems.

As outdoor LED displays become more sophisticated in terms of safety and accuracy, their use is gradually widening and becoming more intelligent, so outdoor LED displays have become the preferred device for many companies to advertise. LED display can be divided into many categories if it is classified, but if it is from the perspective of environmental configuration, it can be divided into indoor led screen and outdoor LED screen, because different environments have different hardware requirements for LED screen . Therefore, when we are doing outdoor LED display rental, we only consider the angle of outdoor LED display to think about the problem, but should be determined according to the specific situation. So what are the issues to be aware of when renting outdoor LED displays? We believes that the outdoor rental screen needs to pay attention to the following points:

1, dead point

The dead point is to point out the black single point or necrotic single point on the LED display. The number of dead points is usually determined by the quality of the LED die. Of course, the lower the dead point, the lower the display effect of the display.

2, brightness

Brightness has a great influence on the outdoor LED display. Excessive brightness can easily damage the human body's visual sense, but if the brightness is too low, the display of the display will not be clear enough. The brightness of the normal outdoor LED display is 1000cd/m2-3000cd/m2. Of course, because the LED display manufacturers of different brands do not need one, the brightness cannot be said to be absolutely unified.

3, viewing angle

The LED display angle directly affects the number of viewers in the display. The larger the viewing angle, the wider the audience will be, and the viewing angle will be affected by the way the LED die is packaged. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the movement of the die when choosing to choose the outdoor ED rental screen.

4, flatness

The flatness of the display directly affects the quality of the displayed image. In the past, the flatness of the surface of the outdoor LED rental screen was kept within ±2 mm, and the local protrusion or recess on the surface of the box may affect the blind angle of the viewing angle. The quality of the flatness is generally determined by the manufacturer. LED display manufacturers must pay attention to this important problem in production. In addition, the redness of the display on the display means that the color of the display should be exactly the same as the color of the source, so as to ensure the real and realistic image.

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Need to pay attention to renting outdoor LED display

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