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The development of outdoor led screen

Oct. 09, 2019

It is no stranger to mention outdoor LED advertising big screen. It is the mainstream product of outdoor media, mainly used in government plaza, leisure plaza, large entertainment plaza, bustling business center, advertising information release card, commercial street, railway station, airport. And other places.

It mainly conveys relevant information to the public through video playback, and is one of the important sources of income for outdoor media advertising.

What are the main products of outdoor led screen:

1. Made of DIP lamp beads, the conventional name is outdoor LED lamp display, representing the product model, P8 outdoor straight led display, P10 outdoor straight led display, P16 outdoor direct led display. The main feature is high brightness and good waterproof effect. The disadvantage is that the height of the lamp bead is not good enough to cause the screen to have color difference, the brightness consistency is not good, the viewing angle is small, and the like, and the outdoor led display with smaller dot spacing cannot be produced.

2. Made of SMD lamp beads, the conventional name is outdoor surface mount LED display, which is the most popular product in the market. At present, the minimum spacing can be P3. The representative products are: P3 outdoor surface mount led display, P4 outdoor table Sticked led display, P5 outdoor surface mount led display, P6 outdoor surface mount led display, P8 outdoor surface mount led display, P10 outdoor surface mount led display. Since the RGB three-color package is in one lamp bead, the problem that the in-line lamp bead is poor due to unevenness and brightness and color consistency is solved. Moreover, the SMD lamp bead can be made smaller, so it is also possible to make the outdoor led large screen develop to a smaller pitch. Brightness can also meet the requirements of outdoor environment use.

3. Outdoor transparent glass led display, although this screen is outdoor, but it is only for outdoor viewing, the installation is to be installed indoors. Transparent led display is a new outdoor advertising led advertising large screen, its high permeability, does not affect indoor lighting, the cabinet is light and thin, easy to install.

The development of outdoor led screen

Outdoor Led Screen

The outdoor led display is initially selected for in-line production. The RGB three-color lamp beads are independent, but with the development of the lamp bead packaging technology, it is also to solve the shortcomings of the full-color outdoor led display. The surface-mounted lamp beads gradually replaced the in-line lamp to make an outdoor led advertising screen.

Conventional outdoor led large screen No matter which installation method is adopted, the screen steel structure is indispensable. The conventional outdoor led advertising large screen is mainly used outdoors, the environment is relatively bad, so the cabinet should be made, and the cabinet should be waterproof and prevent Dust, moisture, anti-corrosion treatment, led display module must also be glued waterproof, so the screen weight is high, plus the weight of the steel structure is about 85KG square, if the screen is bigger, many walls can not bear this Weight, if it is a column installation, there will be safety hazards if you cut corners.

One advantage of the conventional outdoor led advertising large screen is that the brightness is high, and the light pollution that has been said recently has been called a disadvantage. Installation of conventional outdoor led display indoor light is blocked, indoors must use lighting to brighten, indoor suppression, some countries in Europe have issued policies that do not permit the installation of such displays, our country in the new city planning, outdoor led advertising It is becoming more and more difficult to approve the position of the screen, and even the display with a good position has been removed. The outdoor transparent led screen developed by our company is called a new product to fill this market gap.

Outdoor led transparent display is a new type of product, the main application is in the glass curtain wall, window cabinets, large shopping mall special effects screen, rental screen and so on. But the price is relatively high, but with the continuous development and popularization of technology, the price drop will also be a trend.

Led transparent screen is mainly indoor installation outdoor viewing, because it is not waterproof, transparent led display is named because of its high light transmittance, its main features are high light transmittance, good energy saving effect, light and thin installation, good heat dissipation effect .

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