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How to repair LED display?

Jun. 20, 2019

How to repair LED display?

How to repair and clean LED display screen? In the process of use, various faults will be caused by pollution, loosening, vibration, heating, environmental temperature change and other factors, which will affect the normal use of LED display screen and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, regular maintenance of LED display screens is essential. So what is the main routine maintenance of LED display? Now let's reveal them one by one for you.

First of all, the inspection should be carried out

The general inspection of LED display screen adopts "monthly inspection system", while the maintenance of large LED display screen implements "weekly inspection system". The specific maintenance content and response speed promise:

1. LED display screen body maintenance, including lamp tube, module, module, power supply and control card;

2. Maintenance of LED display control system, including controller, optical fiber conversion card, distributor and sending card;

3. Special playing software for LED display, including maintenance and upgrading of playing software;

4. Conduct regular (once a month) on-site inspection by technicians, check and maintain the system;

5. Guarantee of major activities: the company's technical personnel guide to ensure the smooth implementation of on-site activities.

6. For outdoor LED display, the damage caused by wind, rain, thunder, electricity and other natural factors is not within the warranty scope. Need owner to insure with insurance company, pay by insurance company.

7. During the maintenance service, the general fault shall be solved within 8 hours, and the major accident shall not exceed 24 hours. Maintenance to replace modules and other accessories, not more than 24 hours. After the maintenance, one service to ensure that the large screen does not appear module level above the fault (such as module color, module black, a column does not light, etc.), normal play.

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