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The Future Development Direction Of Outdoor Led Display

Dec. 31, 2019

In outdoor environment applications, full-color LED displays are better than single- and dual-color LED displays. From the perspective of viewing angles, full-color LED displays have a wider viewing angle, and light distribution is easier to achieve realistic results than single-color LED displays. The high contrast, these obvious advantages, are the important reasons why full color has become the fourth generation of the new new series of LED displays. In previous years, almost all outdoor LED displays used in-line oval red, green, and blue LED devices. In recent years, outdoor LED screens with a pixel pitch of 6mm to 40mm are gradually emerging. And widely used.

Outdoor Led Screen,

Outdoor Led Screen

Comparison between LED full-color display and in-line full-color LED display:

1. Wide perspective. Outdoor full-color screens not only have a wide viewing angle of more than 110 degrees in the horizontal direction, but also a wide viewing angle of more than 110 degrees in the vertical direction. This is particularly advantageous in some applications, such as building screens, and outdoor LED displays suspended at high altitudes require more Wide viewing angles can show better advertising results.

2. Good light distribution. The matching consistency of the three brightnesses of the red, green, and blue oval LEDs at different angles is a very difficult indicator, and because the design structure of the full-color SMD is a three-in-one structure, the three chips are all In a bracket bowl, the matching consistency of red, green, and blue brightness at different angles is highly consistent, so that the outdoor full-color surface-mounted LED display has a good brightness consistency at any angle, achieving more Good color fidelity.

3, mixed light is good. Because the design structure is three-in-one, the three chips are very close, and the light is mixed in the same holder bowl instead of three discrete oval LEDs, so the red, green, and blue mixed light effect is better than the straight-plug oval LEDs. Screen, especially suitable for close viewing.

4. High contrast. Due to the three-in-one design structure, the full-color SMD has a small size, so the light emitting area is small, and the black area is large, which improves the contrast of the LED display.

5. Automated production. LED can use automatic placement machine for automatic placement, high production efficiency. The circuit design of the LED outdoor display module can realize the combination of the light board and the drive board, which reduces costs, improves reliability, and improves production efficiency. In addition, automated patch production can also improve the vertical accuracy of SMD on the circuit board, and overcome the vertical accuracy problem of in-line elliptical LEDs on the circuit board, thereby ensuring better optical results.

6. The cabinet is light in weight. The design of the aluminum alloy box structure is very lightweight; it is beautiful and not easy to deform and is easy to assemble and flat. Suitable for leasing companies, LED rental screens, mobile media use; post installation or wall installation reduces the pressure of the screen on the steel structure.

Seventh, glue-free. The colloids filled in the modules in traditional outdoor screens will gradually deteriorate under the sun and rain and ultraviolet radiation. After the characteristics of the colloids change, they will crack and fall off, causing the circuit board and LED to lose the protective layer, even after a long time. After the thermal expansion and contraction, the waterproof effect cannot be achieved, and the glue will enter the screen body through the gap, which will corrode the PCB board and affect the life and stability of the entire screen. Because the lamp feet are too short and the glue is too thin, the consequences are even more serious. Previously, because the brightness of surface-mounted LEDs was low, and the waterproof, moisture-proof, and ultraviolet-proof functions did not meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environments, outdoor full-color displays were the world of in-line LED devices. Full-color surface-mount LED displays can only be used in large numbers indoors. With the advancement of LED chip technology and LED packaging technology, the brightness and protection level of SMD have been able to meet the needs of outdoor applications, and have obtained faster application.

Earlier, many foreign customers liked external LED electronic screens, but due to the packaging technology and heat dissipation problems of outdoor LED electronic screens, a large area of dead lights appeared, and finally caused most customers to switch to the LED electronic screens. It is also due to the innate reasons of outdoor LED electronic screens that it cannot be fully promoted for the time being. The application technology of surface-mounted LEDs has not yet reached the outdoor requirements. Outdoor hot and cold environments are extremely prone to product dead lights. Although many aspects, outdoor LED The effect of the electronic screen is better than that of the outdoor direct LED display. It is very likely that outdoor will be the direction of the outdoor LED display in the future, but outdoor LED display factories need to overcome more technical problems.

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