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Led Display Control Card

Dec. 24, 2019

Led Display Control Card Precautions

When using a led display control card, we need to understand the operating precautions in order to use it correctly to reduce damage to the product due to incorrect operation. The led video screen manufacturer introduces the led display Screen control card use precautions.

First, connection precautions

1. According to the specific situation of the purchased LED unit board, corresponding to the interface marked above, connect the LED control card and the unit board, and ensure that the connection is good and there is no looseness.

2. The correct connection between the control card and the computer serial port must be ensured to avoid damage to the control card serial port and computer serial port due to incorrect input signals.

3. It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the ground terminal of the control card with the display frame. Otherwise, if static electricity accumulates on the display frame, it is easy to damage the computer serial port and the control card serial port, causing communication instability, and the control card and the screen body will be burned out when the static electricity is serious. On the display unit. Therefore, when the outdoor screen or the communication distance is long, it is recommended that the user must use a serial port isolator to avoid damage to the computer serial port and the control card serial port due to harsh environments such as ground loops, surges, inductive lightning strikes, and hot plugging.

4. The control card should be directly connected to the switching power supply as much as possible. The voltage and instability of the unit board during the work process will cause the control card to be fast and slow, and serious communication failure or program flying needs to be repaired, especially U disk control. The card may not be able to read the disk or read the disk incorrectly when the voltage is unstable.

Second, precautions for power on and off

1. After the power is turned on, the control card needs to be initialized, so don't rush to send information. After the network is successfully connected, the above Net lamp will flash once every 2s-3s, then you can send information.

2. In the case of no power failure, it is strictly prohibited to plug and unplug the serial port, so as not to damage the computer serial port and the control card serial port due to improper operation.

3. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the input voltage of the control card when the system is powered on, so as to avoid damage to the computer serial port and control card serial port due to improper adjustment and excessive voltage. The normal working voltage of the control card is 5V. When adjusting the power supply voltage, remove the control card and measure slowly with a multimeter.

Third, debugging precautions

1. The indoor 16-scan unit board must not be connected to the entire screen for debugging. Many indoor single-color or dual-color, or even full-color, and then directly connected to the control card without power-on, may burn the 4495 chip behind the unit board in a large area.

2. When debugging the LED display control card, please connect only one unit board for debugging, unplug the power supply after debugging, and then connect the control card.

Fourth, daily operation attention

1. Please keep the LED display control card working in a dry and relatively stable environment. Excessive temperature, humidity and dust are extremely detrimental to the control card.

2. The power switch of the display screen often trips. Check the screen body or replace the power switch in time.

3. Regularly check the firmness of the joint. If there is looseness, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforce or update the hanging pieces.

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Led Display

Led Display

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