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Tips For LED Display Maintenance

Dec. 10, 2019

Indoor led screen manufacturer share with you :With the development of market economy, the application scope of LED display screen will continue to expand. LED display as a new information dissemination tool, has been widely used in various industries.As an external visual media of computer, LED large screen display has powerful real-time dynamic data display and graphic display functions. LED LED long life, low power consumption, high brightness and other characteristics are bound to make it become the first choice for large screen information display applications. Outdoor LED display is very different from indoor LED display. The outdoor screen has the functions of preventing (rain) water, preventing direct sunlight, preventing dust, preventing high temperature, preventing wind, preventing lightning, etc., this kind of display screen is called pure outdoor display screen.

 Outdoor Led Display

 Outdoor Led Display

And those between indoor LED display and pure outdoor LED display screen, mounted on the roof, open hall, outdoor canopy or sunshine roof inferior strong light environment, using the same as the outdoor screen brightness high brightness LED, at the same time display itself does not prevent (rain) water, wind, lightning protection, this kind of display is called half outdoor display. With the development of indoorLED display, high-quality LED display is not only waterproof, wind-proof and lightning-proof, but also used for installation in outdoor environment with low brightness.

Led Display

Led Display

The following maintenance of a few small points for a simple maintenance analysis.The first tools needed are a multimeter, a soldering iron, a blade, and tweezers.The judgment of the problem must be handled in the first and second order, with the obvious and serious first and the minor problems later.Short circuit shall be ZUI high priority.

1 observation method, observation method and screen naked eye observation, sometimes broken by the eyes can be seen, such as PCB line due to scratch, make it broken, sometimes electric drill accidentally broken some!

2 comparison method, comparison method is very important and very critical, sometimes we can not see whether the IC is burnt by the naked eye, can be replaced with a good IC, sometimes we do not remember whether the signal is originally connected, we can take a good unit board to measure the corresponding position is what!Contrast is key!

3 elimination method, sometimes a fault has a lot of reasons, we can deal with one by one, do not remember can look at the front of the common fault processing, one by one to eliminate!

4. Resistance testing method: adjust the multimeter to the resistance level, detect the resistance value from a point to the ground of a normal circuit board, and then detect whether the resistance value of the same point of another same circuit board is different from the normal resistance value. If different, the scope of the problem is determined.

5. Voltage testing method: adjust the multimeter to the voltage range to detect the voltage to the ground at a certain point of the circuit that is suspected to have a problem, and compare whether it is similar to the normal value; otherwise, the scope of the problem is determined.

6. Short-circuit detection method: adjust the multimeter to short-circuit detection block (some are diode voltage drop or resistance, generally have alarm function), detect whether there is short-circuit phenomenon, and give priority to solve the problem after discovering the short-circuit, so as not to burn out other devices.The method must be operated in the case of circuit power failure to avoid damage to the table.

7. Voltage drop detection method: adjust the multimeter to the diode voltage drop detection file, because all IC is composed of many basic elements, but miniaturized, so when a current passes on one of its pins, there will be a voltage drop on the pin.Generally, the pressure drop on the same IC pin of the same model is similar, according to the value of the pressure drop on the pin is good or bad, it must be operated under the condition of circuit power failure.This method has some limitations, for example, the detected device is high resistance, it can not be detected.

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