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Notes For Indoor Led Screen Installation

Dec. 16, 2019

1. Use current

As the indoor led screen has the characteristic that the current increases rapidly with the slight voltage, too high current will cause the led lamp to burn down or the brightness attenuation, a resistor should be added in series with the led lamp to play the current limiting effect. The indoor led video wall should work under the same current condition, and it is generally recommended that the current through the led is 15-19ma.

indoor led screen

Indoor Led Display

2. Brightness test and product instructions

(1) in the detection and use of LED, the same current, namely constant current, must be provided to each LED to ensure consistent detection brightness. The current should not exceed 20mA, and a current of 15-19ma is preferred.

(2) when using the color splitter product, please classify and use it according to the order of BIN number. Different BIN number leds cannot be mixed into the same product to avoid differences in color, brightness and voltage.If you want to mix BIN Numbers, adjacent BIN Numbers can be put together, but try to avoid.

3. Precautions against static electricity

(1) all equipment and instruments in contact with indoor LED display screens must be well grounded, and specially welded soldering irons and tin furnaces must be well grounded.

(2) operators must wear grounded anti-static wrist, anti-static shoes and anti-static clothes.

(3) anti-static wrist must be tested every day, unqualified must be replaced.

(4) if the LED is damaged by static electricity, it will show some bad characteristics: leakage current increases, static forward voltage decreases or increases, and it will not light up or emit abnormal light under low current test.

4. Welding conditions of indoor LED display

(1) soldering: the tip temperature of the soldering iron (up to 30W) shall not exceed 300℃;The welding time shall not exceed 3 seconds;The welding position should be at least 3 mm away from the gel.

(2) immersion welding: the highest immersion welding temperature is 260℃;The immersion welding time shall not exceed 5 seconds;Dip position at least 2 mm away from the gel.

5. Pin forming method

(1) must be 2 mm away from the gel to bend the support, so as not to cause the gel to break or damage the internal structure.

(2) bracket forming must be completed by fixture or professional personnel.

(3) bracket forming must be completed before welding.

(4) the pins and spacing of the support shall be consistent with that on the circuit board.

6. Installation method of indoor LED display screen

(1) pay attention to the arrangement of external lines of various devices to avoid wrong polarity.The device must not be placed too close to the heating element

(2) do not install indoor LED display when the pins are deformed.

(3) when deciding to install in the hole, calculate the size and tolerance of hole spacing on the face and circuit board to avoid excessive pressure on the support.

(4) when installing the indoor LED display, guide sleeve shall be used for positioning.

(5) before the welding temperature returns to normal, any vibration or external force to the led video wall must be avoided.

7, cleaning: when using chemicals to clean the colloid must be particularly careful, because some chemicals have damage to the colloid surface and cause fade such as trichloroethylene, acetone, etc.It can be wiped and soaked with ethanol for no more than 3 minutes at room temperature.

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