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Several things you need to do to correct the LED display

Jul. 25, 2019

Several things you need to do to correct the LED display shared by digital see through led display supplier.

In the process of using LED display, we will inevitably encounter some flower screen, so we need to correct it point by point, let's take a look at the following aspects to correct LED display.


1. Clean LED display screen, remove dust and stains on lamp surface and mask, and avoid its influence on brightness. If you need to change the mask, please ensure that the color of the mask is the same as before, otherwise the display will be affected, especially in the daytime, and there will be little improvement after correction;

2. Replace the modules with poor functions: some lights are not bright, many dead lights, abnormal scanning, the overall lights are too dark (the resistance may be wrong), wiring or socket problems affect the high definition led display, etc. To ensure that the final display, scan, screen normal, no overdark, light, even light and other phenomena;

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3. Receiving card upgrade: if the currently used receiving card does not support calibration or does not have enough loaded points, upgrade is required. Due to the dead card risk of receiving card upgrade, the customer needs to contact the control system company in advance for upgrade and related treatment;

Time and environment:

Calibration and collection need to be carried out in the environment of no wind, rain and fog interference, so customers need to arrange the calibration time according to the local weather environment, or take relevant measures to ensure that the acquisition equipment can collect accurate data in the environment without interference, so as to achieve the best calibration effect.

This is the introduction of the display display correction knowledge, I hope these points of knowledge can let you better use the product. Quality first, service first, high-tech oriented, and constantly develop more "solutions" are the goals of all staff of bailu datong optoelectronics technology.

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