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How can I choose a LED display manufacturer

Aug. 29, 2019

How can I choose a LED display manufacturer?

How can ability choose to normal LED screen manufacturer? When we buy display screens, we first need to choose a manufacturer, and in the selection, we can distinguish from the following points to the regular manufacturers. Let's find out.

1) "corporate responsibility" : anyone can say, but may not do, the user should talk with the business or boss of the manufacturer more, deeply feel the "corporate responsibility";

2) "pre-sale service" : if it is done well, users can choose a suitable product;

3) "product quality" : users can only see the quality of welding process intuitively. As for the selection of materials in the first and second links, it is difficult for customers to distinguish, which is also the key link to test the advertising Led screen factory's integrity;

4) "after-sales service" : including spare parts, mechanic level and response time. No matter how good the product is, it cannot be absolutely not bad. Basic after-sales service is essential if the product is to be well used by customers.

Choose regular LED display manufacturers should pay attention to these points, I hope you can pay attention to the knowledge. So it's easier to choose.

LED display manufacturer

Li Series Indoor LED Screen

Protection of LED display:

Protection of LED display. Generally speaking, in order to enable the normal use of products, manufacturers will carry out some protective work. This can prevent moisture, moisture, dust and so on. Let's take a look at the protection.

1. The system screen is interspersed outside the body with high quality aluminum-plastic board with excellent anti-corrosion and flame retardant materials, and the panels are filled with high quality weather-resistant adhesive.

2. The pixels and modules in the system are sealed with insulating rubber ring to prevent moisture penetration.

3. Interspersed the joints between the modules with foam bars and filled with high-quality weather resistant adhesive to prevent moisture from entering.

The protection of LED display is the embodiment of these, I hope the above knowledge can help you to understand and use. Quality first, service first, high-tech oriented, and constantly develop more "solutions" are the goals of all staff of bailu datong optoelectronics technology.

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