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Factors affecting the life of LED displays

Sep. 10, 2019

Factors affecting LED display life

In the process of using LED display screen, we often fail to reach the life of the product label, because there are many factors in life that affect its life. Today, the Advertising Led Screen Factory analyzes three factors that affect the life of HD LED Display screen.

1. Influence of moisture on product life

While almost all displays work at 95% humidity, humidity is another factor that can affect product life. Wet gas will be through the encapsulation materials and components of the joint surface to the interior of the IC devices, oxidation corrosion caused by internal circuit breakers, and into the group of the high temperature in the process of welding within the IC wet gas heat expansion pressure, make plastic separation from inside the box on the chip or pin (layer), line stringing damage, chip damage, internal cracks and extends to the crack on the surface of the element, element to bulge and even burst, also known as "popcorn", this will lead to assembly parts repair even scrapped. More importantly, invisible, potential defects can be incorporated into the product, causing reliability problems. Methods for improving reliability in humid environments include the use of moisture-proof materials, dehumidifiers, protective coatings and seals, etc.

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2. Influence of vibration on product life

Electronic equipment is often subjected to environmental shock and vibration in normal use and test. When the mechanical stress caused by the deflection exceeds the allowable working stress of the component parts, the environment can cause the physical damage of the components and structural parts.

3. Impact of load on product life

Whether the integrated chip, LED tube or switch power supply works under rated load, load is also an important factor affecting the life. Because any component has a fatigue damage period, take the power supply as an example, the brand power supply can output 105%~135% of the power, but if the long time to make the power supply under such a high load, will accelerate the aging of the switch power supply, of course, the switch power supply is not necessarily immediately ineffective, but will make its life rapidly reduced.

The above three factors will affect the life of LED display screen. Besides, there are other factors, which are not introduced here. Therefore, we must do a good job of maintenance and maintenance in the process of use.

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