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Outdoor LED screen main installation method

Sep. 28, 2019

The LED advertising screen quickly entered our lives and appeared in every corner of our lives. We are all used to the LED display in our lives. It is no stranger to mention outdoor LED advertising big screen. It is the mainstream product of outdoor media, mainly used in government plaza, football LED display, large entertainment plaza, bustling business center, advertising information release card, commercial street, railway station, airport. And other places. It mainly conveys relevant information to the public through video playback, and is one of the important sources of income for outdoor media advertising.

Football LED Display

Football LED Display

Outdoor led advertising large screen main installation method:

1. Mosaic installation: indoors, suitable for indoor screens with small area. Since the installation space is small, in order not to take up space, the same size area is dug on the wall according to the size of the screen body, and the LED display screen is embedded in the wall. The wall is required to be a solid wall. The cost is higher by adopting the method of pre-maintenance. For outdoor installation, the mounting structure is suitable for the display project that has been included in the planning and design of the building. The installation space of the display screen is reserved in advance during the construction of the civil engineering project. In actual installation, only the display steel structure is required to be displayed. Inlaid in the wall of the building, there is enough maintenance space on the back.

2. Wall-mounted installation: more suitable for the installation of indoor rental led display, the area is small (10 square meters or less), the wall requirements are solid walls, hollow bricks or simple barrier walls are not suitable for this installation.

 Indoor Rental Led Display

 Indoor LED Screen

3. Hanging installation: more suitable for station LED electronic display, airport LED electronic display and other large venues to play the role of indicating signs. The screen area is required to be small. (Below 10 square meters) It is required to have a suitable installation place, such as a beam or a lintel at the top, and the screen body is usually added with a back cover. Ordinary mounting is suitable for a single-box display with a total screen weight of less than 50kg. It can be hung directly on the load-bearing wall without the need for reserved maintenance space. The display box is designed with a frontal maintenance. The display is opened from the bottom during maintenance. Just fine. The rack mount is suitable for general outdoor display. Considering the difficulty of maintenance of the display screen, steel structure support is adopted between the screen body and the wall surface, and 800mm maintenance space is reserved. The space is equipped with maintenance facilities such as horse track and ladder. And install auxiliary equipment such as power distribution cabinets, air conditioners, axial fans, and lighting.

4. Column type installation: mostly used for outdoor advertising LED electronic display installation, open field of vision, relatively empty places around, such as squares, parking lots. According to the size of the screen body, it can be divided into single column and double column type. The column mount is suitable for the installation of the LED display on the open space, and the outdoor screen is mounted on the column. In addition to the production of the screen steel structure, the column type also needs to make concrete or steel columns, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation.

5. Roof-mounted installation: It is mainly suitable for outdoor advertising LED electronic display. The installation location is mainly the roof of the building. As the height of the building increases, the windproof level to be considered also increases.

6. Seat: the structure is to use the concrete structure on the ground to build a wall enough to support the entire LED display, build a steel structure installation display on the wall, steel structure reserved 800mm maintenance space, place related equipment and maintenance facility.

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